Vozara Office Reconstruction

Wealth management is one of a professional service that covers all aspects of a person's financial life and it can be a combination of financial and investment advice, and so on. In fact, a manager alone has coordinated all the services needed to manage the money of professionals and high net worth individuals and planning for themselves or their families' current and future needs.
Therefore, one of the most important principles in the area of wealth management is the issue of integrity, security and transparency in the relationship between the client and the employer.

From the beginning, the keywords of honesty, security and transparency form the primary framework of this project and had a direct impact on the design process and finally, an intimate and pleasant atmosphere was attempted to be designed for both groups of users. An audience that intends to invest its valuable capital in this company and employees who spend most of their time in this space day and night.
The originality of design was important to the clients and during our initial meetings with them, we found out that their background goes back to Shiraz. Through research on Fars province and its monuments, we come across numerous magnificent samples, such as Firouzabad Palace, one of the most valuable monuments left in the Sassanin era and whose architecture was the model for the construction of many other buildings in Iran, which came to inspire our original design.

The arches and curves used in Iran's past architecture have a great impact on creating a sense of security as well as greatness in our collective memory of Iranians. So, it was tried to create a relaxed environment by using soft lines and curved shapes that was complemented by light green and light pink, which was also the client's favorite. Soft arches and edges boast from the top of doors, partition opening, to all corners, cabinet handles and ceiling valves and even in the design and selection of furniture and decorative elements and valves are showcase.
This reconstruction was carried out on a 218 square meters office unit on the seventh floor of an office building in Vozara Street. Before renovation, the unit consisted of a flat room with a room on the northeast side and a service section on the east side.

As the atmosphere of the entrance and waiting room was important to the clients, a 7-degree-long table with a north-south wall of the unit, was designed and constructed of wood, bronze and stone for the clerks and parallel to the wall of this desk the waiting area border was defined by changing the color of wall, ceiling and floor carpet to indicate the waiting area of a different color.

The manager's room and the meeting room were located on the north side of the unit, with steel and glass partitions separated. Office rooms on the south side and a service area on the east side of the unit were defined.

In the design of details and elements of the space, pure and natural materials such as handmade tiles, stone, wood, glass and bronze were chosen and designed to maintain the materials of their originality.